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Pre-opening: clicBooks.com ready to receive eBooks from authors!


The moment has come: ClicBooks.com is online! We proudly present the most interesting site for self-editos and authors alike on the internet! Anybody who is looking for selling knowledge through eBooks will find www.clicBooks.com to be of great use: with no up-front cost, you can upload your eBook, present a summary as well as a detailed description of your eBook, upload picture and additional content to present your eBook in the most attractive possible way.

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The idea to create Clicbooks…

sel development ebooks

sel development ebooks

…came up during a dinner with friends when somebody mentioned that everybody knows something or has the skills to do something that others need. Everybody has a certain knowledge – acquired during school, university, the job, a hobby, etc. which one considers to be “normal”, however, it might be far from “normal” to many of us to know how to repair a washing machine, or get a parrot to talk, or effective negotiation techniques with banks, etc. Everyone can offer knowledge and needs knowledge in other areas, that’s why we thought it would be a terrific idea to create a tool that enables people to easily exchange this knowledge and even make money with it!

We at Clicbooks want to promote this exchange and offer a wide range of topics to just about anything that interests people and that they find useful and interesting. We are looking forward to be offering you hints and advice from fitness trainers to shape your body, do-it-yourself experts who can teach you how to fix household appliances or remodel your home, dating gurus who help you to meet and attract the women or men you would like to get to know, find out how you can educate your dog, invest your money well,… the list of possibilities is endless!

Clicbooks provides you the platform to find the information you are looking for, and / or sell what you know much better than the average person in a certain field.

Very soon Clicbooks will offer you all these possibilities in a fun and interesting environnement. Don’t miss to stop by, we’ll keep you updated on what’s happening, so looking foward to being in contact with you!